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Problem discovery resources

"Love the problem, not your solution"

Customers only buy a product to solve a problem, so getting clarity and intimacy with the problem that your potential customers are facing is vitally important to your startup. We recommend running at least 50 empathy interviews with individuals in your target market to validate the problem, gain insights, and engage your brand's first evangelists.

Here are some resources to get started:

Coming soon!

We're about to release our comprehensive Notion template designed to give you everything you need to run your problem discovery process. Apply now to get early access.

Are you serious about taking your idea to IMPACT? 🚀

With Icademy, you gain the knowledge, support, and community you need to build a successful ClimateTech startup. Get a personalized roadmap for your company based on your vision, accountability to continuously move the needle, expert help to overcome your challenges on your schedule, and a tight circle of founders to support and champion you. 

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