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Fighting climate change feels impossible

Building your ClimateTech startup shouldn't be

Climate change is the largest challenge humanity has ever faced, and you have an idea on how to fight it. Building a traditional startup is hard; building an impact-focused ClimateTech company is even harder.


You need guidance, mentorship, community, and support that adapts and grows with you along your entire journey.

Icademy is a completely new type of program, designed to support you in creating a successful, impactful company through personalized, on-demand mentorship and education.

Centered around you

You have unique skills, dreams, and challenges. Your support network should be personalized to you as well.

Icademy supports you on your schedule and timeline with personalized mentorship and guidance. You have questions; Icademy has the answers.

Co-working space


A program designed from the ground-up to be virtual. On-demand micro-courses, live group-based workshops, and an always-on community so you can attend from anywhere, anytime.


You determine your pace and there's no end date, so you receive support along your entire founder's journey.


You'll receive personalized mentorship from your guide, a seasoned entrepreneur who will provide strategic advice and guidance when you need it.


An opt-in shared equity pool that de-risks your startup and provides shared upside on our communal success.


You'll join a dedicated community of experts and startup founders all focused on solving climate change through entrepreneurship.


You'll meet with a small circle of peers each week to receive the challenge, support, and accountability you need to be successful.

Forest Road

Impact focused

You're determined to leave this world a better place and make a positive impact on the environment and your community. Icademy shares your vision.

With Icademy, you'll learn best practices for building an impact-focused, for-profit company from day one. With a human design-centered approach, you'll be uniquely positioned to build products that solve meaningful problems for your customers, make positive impacts in your community, create an engaged workforce, and make money while doing it.

Where are you in the journey?

Modern Digital Watch
Graphic Designer Desk
Working from Home


You're finding a problem you're passionate about solving or have a solution in mind.

With Icademy, you'll leverage your existing skillset to find a problem you love waking up to solve every day.


You're on to something big and are looking for product-market fit.

With Icademy, you'll evaluate business models, validate customer intent, and quickly test your hypotheses.


You've found product-market fit and have a few early customers.

With Icademy, you'll build the foundation for a healthy, impactful, and successful product launch.

Take your idea to impact

Are you ready to make your stand against climate change?

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