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Icademy is rethinking how to support impact-focused entrepreneurs

We hear about it over and over again. There's not enough time in today's current accelerators to truly help, mentor, and guide first time founders. On top of that, the "survival of the fittest" mentality born from extreme bro culture is killing innovation.  

With a desire to do it differently and to best support the greatest impact innovators with the most amazing ideas, Chad & Brett founded Icademy--a startup academy that goes beyond a fixed timeframe, providing exceptional mentoring and bringing the greatest experts together to focus on one thing: you.  


Chad McGimpsey's face
Chad McGimpsey
Founder & CEO

I'm a serial startup founder who loves going on adventures in the wilderness. I call myself a field guide for entrepreneurs, and I use my skills as a guide and a process efficiency nut to help early-stage founders build impactful & profitable companies.

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tabby 2.jpeg
Tabby Worthington
Community Manager

I'm all about making sure new folks feel welcomed and engaged by coming up with creative programs. Being real, working together, and spreading kindness are super important to me. I'm a multitasker and think outside the box to get things done!

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Brett Schklar's face

Brett Schklar

Cofounder & Advisor

I love to build teams of amazing people and am addicted to helping founders leverage their superpower for growth. I call myself a collector of amazing humans, and I can't wait to share my expertise in branding and marketing with you.

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Jennifer Falkoski, PsyD
Educational Advisor

I'm the Executive Director of Forward Steps, an organization that provides educational assistance to emancipated foster students and at risk youth. I've designed and taught courses at universities across the country for almost 20 years.

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