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About Icademy

Rethinking how to support the founders of impact companies

We hear about it over and over again.  There's not enough time in today's current accelerators to truly help, mentor, and guide first time founders.  On top of that, the "survival of the fittest" mentality born from extreme 'bro culture' is killing innovation.  

With a desire to do it differently and to best support the greatest impact innovators with the most amazing ideas, Chad & Brett founded Icademy - a start-up academy that goes beyond a fixed timeframe, provides exceptional mentoring and brings the greatest experts together to focus on one thing: you.  

Chad McGimpsey
Field Guide for Entrepreneurs

As a fellow tech entrepreneur who has technical development, project management, team leadership, and product development expertise building my own successful startup,


I’m uniquely positioned to guide founders through the treacherous waters of their startup journey.

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Brett Schklar
Collector of Amazing Humans

I love to build teams of amazing people and am addicted to helping entrepreneurs leverage their superpower for growth.


I built a company from scratch and grew it rapidly before I sold it. I want to help others find their growth paths.  

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