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Go From Zero
to Climate Hero

You have an idea but don't know where to start.
Get the structure, knowledge, and support
you need to launch your startup.

You have an idea but don't know where to start. Get the structure, knowledge, and support you need to validate your startup.

The Icademy Path

99% of early-stage ClimateTech entrepreneurs fail.
Our climate can't afford that.

Icademy created a simple path that turns you into an effective founder leveraging best practices for impact-focused startups.


Find your perfect startup idea and create a business plan.


Validate your idea through live testing with real customers.


Bring your idea to market and get paid for it.


Scale your startup to maximize your impact.

Icademy For Climate

Vol. 1: Find Program

Designed for professionals who want to impact the climate crisis without risking their careers, the Icademy For Climate Find program empowers you to find the perfect ClimateTech startup idea that leverages your unique experience and vision.

The Founder's Journey

Start by meeting with your Field Guide, an experienced impact-focused entrepreneur who will lead you along your startup journey. Together, you'll create a customized plan that aligns with your schedule and vision.

Find Your Superpower

Every two weeks, you'll meet with your Founders' Circle, an intimate group of fellow Climate Heros who support you along your journey. A professional group coach guides each session to keep you moving forward and accountable to your goals.

Your Founders' Circle will help you unearth your Superpower—the unique skillset you bring to the world.

Find Your Purpose

You'll learn startup best practices through just-in-time learning: self-directed and expert-led workshops designed around your schedule to make you a confident and skilled founder.

Your first workshops will focus on clarifying your passions and values so that you can build the business of your dreams.

Find Your Startup Idea

Maximize your impact on the climate crisis by evaluating multiple opportunities you're passionate about to identify a target market willing to pay to solve a real problem.

Get the feedback and support you need through Icademy's always-on virtual community of founders and ClimateTech experts.

Find Your Impact

Create a financially sound business plan that leverages your Superpower and aligns with your Vision, Values, and the Impact you want to achieve—whether a VC scalable rocket ship or a rewarding lifestyle B-Corp.

Graduate when you've built the solid foundations for your startup.

Test Your Idea

Apply for the Icademy For Climate Vol. 2: Test program to validate your startup with real paying customers.


$1499 per quarter

No equity
Pause or cancel anytime
90-day 100% money-back guarantee

Ready to make your impact?

Join the next cohort or meet with a Field Guide to learn more.

What the Fellows Are Saying

"When I found out that most accelerators take 8% equity in your company, I thought, that's a lot. I decided not to even look at accelerators. I was going to do this by myself, but when I found Icademy, which had a well-defined value proposition and a flexible cost structure, it made a lot of financial sense to me.

Once I came in, I realized that there was a lot more value to the program than what I initially thought I needed. We became a community, where you are no longer a lonely CEO trying to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship."

Photo of Narayan Iyer, Founder of Boro

Narayan Iyer, Founder of Boro

"Icademy gave me a structure to find out what I needed to know, helped me along that journey, and gave me mentoring along the way. Within a few months (during which I could have been just floundering around, not sure what I was doing), I actually had structure. I had a framework to follow, and I had accountability.

Since joining Icademy, I’ve been able to work out that my idea is a viable business. There is something here. That's what I've achieved based on  following the program. That wouldn't have happened if I continued doing things the same way as before."

Photo of Alex Lewis-Jones, Founder of OtherWay

Alex Lewis-Jones, Founder of OtherWay

Still have questions?

Speak with a Field Guide to see how Icademy can help you make your impact on the climate crisis.