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Now the world knows. We're off to the races!


We're beyond excited that we let the world know of our climate tech Pilot Program that begins January 31, 2022.  

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Chad & Brett


Icademy Launches Its Inaugural Climate Tech Program For First-Time Entrepreneurs A new model of startup help addresses the needs of first-time founders who want to make an impact through climate technology innovation


DENVER (PRWEB) January 20, 2022 - Icademy, the market’s first “startup academy”, announces it’s inaugural program with a focus on climate tech and helping first-time entrepreneurs succeed with a unique program designed around founders and innovators.

Icademy is designed based on feedback and challenges with legacy incubators, accelerators and other time-bound startup support ecosystems. 

“Having been a part of the start-up community, I’ve seen people struggle with becoming an entrepreneur.” Said Chad McGimpsey, Icademy co-founder. “Oftentimes, these challenges cause the cards to be stacked against most founders. We want to address these challenges head-on and build a program that’s designed around entrepreneurs and not the other way around.” 

Specifically, Icademy offers a unique experience for climate-tech entrepreneurs, which includes: 

  • Non-time bound program - Where most incubator and accelerator programs are run in cohorts with a predetermined start and end, Icademy’s climate tech program is designed to be “always on” and support the complete entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Mentorship & Coaching as a core component - mentors, coaches and guides will be a core part of the program and will offer more hands-on experiences than most other start-up support programs

  • Equity Pool compensation model - Icademy understands the power of a strong community. As a part of a community-first approach, Icademy fellows (members) will be eligible to participate in an equity pool across most companies formed through Icademy’s program.

“We’ve done our research, listened to people’s frustrations and think this model will help people along their entrepreneurial journey,” Said Brett Schklar, Icademy co-founder. “Getting started is the hardest part, but having a living community that supports the entire roadmap is also hard. I’m excited that we’re building a supportive program and community to address these challenges.”

Icademy is accepting new fellows beginning January 20, 2022. Those who are interested in learning more about Icademy’s program and attending an upcoming webinar explaining the program can submit an interest form at: by December 31, 2021. Icademy is launching with limited space for first-time entrepreneurs.

ABOUT ICADEMY Icademy is a startup launch academy designed around impact-focused founders - not the other way around. By building a non-time bound program, surrounding first-time entrepreneurs with great mentors/coaches and offering a first of its kind equity pool, Icademy will help climate tech get the innovation it needs.

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